Gateway To Vibrant Health

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Meet the Host


Valerie Hall, CNHP

Certified Natural Health Professional & Nutritional Consultant

Valerie Hall is a Certified Natural Health Professional and Nutritional
Consultant.  Her enthusiasm and passion for natural health have made
her a popular speaker to thousands of health seeking individuals each
year. Speaking on such topics as:

Blood Sugar Control
Achieving Weight-Loss Goals
Brain Food for Health, Memory and Mood
Anti-Aging Foods
Digestive Health Naturally

Valerie has specialized in nutritional education for the past 16 years,
and speaks throughout the United States.  She is a regular guest on radio
programs, which also includes, Gateway to Vibrant Health.

Tune in every Saturday 10am-11am PST on AM 1170 KCBQ so you can
get the facts on Health &Nutrition.